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Logo Design


Amare, a luxury fragrance brand specialising in candles, essential oil fragrances, and reed diffusers, approached Loved Brands, seeking a comprehensive rebranding and sales strategy overhaul. While Amare's products and business model were well-defined, they recognized the need for a new brand identity and a more effective approach to boosting sales and brand awareness.



Loved Brands focused on key components such as brand awareness, sales growth, social media presence, visual identity, brand strategy, and communication strategy to revitalize Amare's brand image.

  • Visual Identity: To capture the essence of Amare's relaxing and aromatic products, Loved Brands crafted a visual identity that truly reflected the brand's character. The heart-shaped Amare logo, with its free-flowing and wispy lines, embodies the sensation of fragrance wafting through the air, instantly communicating the brand's core values. The spacious lettering in the logo symbolises Amare's emphasis on quality and attention to detail.

  • Colour Palette: The choice of soft, soothing hues in various shades of white and grey mirrors the appearance of candle wax while imparting a subtle touch of colour to Amare's website. These colours also reflect the brand's values of integrity and empathy, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and trust for the audience.

  • Brand Messaging: Amare's brand messaging centres around providing solace through soothing scents and sights, encouraging its audience to reclaim control over negative emotions. Written content reassures customers that it is okay to struggle and emphasises the importance of self-care. Additionally, Amare highlights the minimal waste generated by its products, aligning with its commitment to sustainability.

  • Communication Strategy: Loved Brands developed a comprehensive communication strategy to enhance brand awareness and drive sales. By defining the target market and creating customer personas, the plan established specific targets and tasks for social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. It included website copy updates, the addition of a live chat option for customer support, email campaigns to share business information, and offline promotion through collaborations with homeware shops and hotels.

Our approach



Through collaborative efforts with Amare, Loved Brands achieved significant milestones in a short span. By creating user-generated content, improving SEO, and refining and boosting its organic content, Amare's Instagram follower count surged from 257 to an impressive 1,490 in just one year. These efforts not only increased brand awareness but also contributed to enhanced sales and customer engagement.

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