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The primary objective for Beautic was to create a brand that is inclusive of all races and ethnicities while being strongly connected to nature. They wanted to convey these values through their brand image and visual identity, ensuring that customers feel represented and connected to the brand's ethos.



Beautic, a beauty brand adamant on being inclusive of all races and ethnicities, as well as connected to nature, approached Loved Brands for assistance in creating a brand image that would effectively communicate these values. Their goal was to establish a brand that celebrates diversity and embraces natural beauty without relying on explicit statements in the brand copy.

  • Colour Palette: The colour palette was carefully crafted to resemble different skin tones, reflecting the brand's commitment to inclusivity. Light pinks conveyed femininity and affection, while brown hues evoked a nurturing and dependable image.

  • Imagery and Representation: Beautic's visuals and pictures incorporate people of all ethnicities, highlighting the brand's dedication to inclusivity and diversity.

  • Nature-inspired Elements: Backgrounds featuring plant and flower shades symbolised the brand's connection to nature and preference for natural ingredients.

  • Logo Design: The logo prominently featured the letter 'B,' designed to create a sense of unity and inclusion, representing Beautic's commitment to embracing diversity and fostering a community.

  • Typography: The choice of a cursive font added an elegant touch to the brand's identity, reflecting the aspiration to build a sense of togetherness.

Our approach



Loved Brands successfully transformed Beautic's brand image and visual identity, effectively communicating the values of inclusivity and connection to nature.


The carefully selected colour palette, diverse representation, nature-inspired elements, and meaningful logo design resonated with customers, conveying the brand's core values.

Beautic now stands as an inclusive beauty brand that celebrates diversity and embraces natural beauty, attracting a wide range of customers who feel connected and represented by the brand's message.

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