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Greenland, the promised land for trust and commitment, is a unique corner shop that offers accountability, convenience, and a delightful experience.


It caters to individuals seeking high-quality, organic products and provides a space where customers can enjoy a coffee, wine, or a meal before or after their grocery shopping.



The goal of Greenland is to create a brand that stands out in the grocery industry by offering transparency, quality products, and a conscious approach to nutrition. The aim is to attract food and nutrition enthusiasts who value informed choices and a healthy lifestyle

  • Brand Identity: Greenland was designed to be a flexible and inviting brand that combines the features of an organic grocery store and a food hall. Earth tones such as green, beige, and brown were chosen to communicate the brand's natural, organic essence. These colors evoke a connection to nature and align with the products Greenland offers. The brand's visual identity, including the logo, fonts, and imagery, reflects a friendly and relaxed environment that appeals to customers.

  • Transparency and Education: Greenland prioritizes transparency by providing full explanations of the sourcing of animal products and compatibility with fitness apps. The brand's focus on educating customers about the food they eat sets it apart and builds trust with its target audience.

  • Customer Experience: The brand aims to create a serene space where customers can not only purchase high-quality products but also enjoy a coffee, wine, or a meal. The use of natural decoration, open areas, and colorful imagery enhances the aesthetic appeal and contributes to a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Our approach



By implementing the above approach, Loved Brands successfully created Greenland's brand from scratch, delivering a memorable and inviting experience for customers. The brand's emphasis on transparency, high-quality products, and a conscious approach to nutrition resonated with food and nutrition enthusiasts. The earth-tone color palette, simple fonts, and imagery communicated Greenland's commitment to natural and organic values. The combination of an organic grocery store and a food hall provided a unique offering that differentiated Greenland from competitors.

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