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Imma Pascual

Imma Pascual

Imma Pascual is a wellness and health mentor hailing from Barcelona. With a background in nursing, Imma's passion lies in helping individuals enhance their lives through mindful practices, balanced diets, and physical activities like yoga. Despite having a thriving client base solely through word-of-mouth, Imma recognized the need to establish her personal brand identity and expand her reach through a website and social media platforms.

Imma Pascual


The objective of Imma Pascual's collaboration with Loved Brands was to create a compelling personal brand identity and establish a strong online presence. This involved developing a visually captivating website, increasing brand exposure through social media, growing the mailing list, and executing successful advertising campaigns. By achieving these objectives, Imma aimed to expand her reach, attract new clients, and position herself as a trusted wellness and health mentor.

Imma Pascual
  • Brand Strategy: Loved Brands worked closely with Imma Pascual to define her unique brand strategy, highlighting her expertise in health and wellness. This involved identifying her target audience, refining her brand messaging, and establishing key brand values such as authenticity and empathy.

  • Brand Identity: A distinctive brand identity was created for Imma, reflecting her personality and values. This included designing a logo that combined a handwritten cursive font with her name, adding a personal touch to her brand. The color palette, featuring rich and calming hues, was carefully selected to evoke a sense of tranquility and wellbeing.

  • Website Development: Imma's website was designed to provide a smooth user experience, with seamless transitions and parallax scrolling. The layout and visuals maintained consistency throughout the site, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing presentation. The content emphasized Imma's professional expertise while conveying empathy and relatability.

  • ​Advertising Campaign: Loved Brands executed a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram to grow Imma's mailing list and increase subscriptions to her annual wellness plan. A/B testing was conducted to optimize the ad performance, resulting in a significant increase in subscribers and leads.

Our approach

Imma Pascual


Loved Brands executed two targeted ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to achieve Imma Pascual's goals.

  1. Mailing List Campaign:

    • Offered a 3-day detox diet in exchange for email addresses.

    • Resulted in 1,250 sign-ups for the mailing list.

    • 570 individuals successfully completed the 3-day detox diet.

  2. Annual Wellness Plan Campaign:

    • Offered an ice cream ebook and a 10-day detox diet as a launch offer for annual wellness plan subscriptions.

    • A/B testing was conducted to optimize ad performance.

    • Resulted in 253 subscriptions to the annual wellness plan.

Imma Pascual
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