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La Vetrina de Europa

La Vetrina de Europa, a fashion brand specializing in shoes and bags from renowned European brands, approached Loved Brands to create a captivating brand identity, including a website and logo. Their vision was to establish a platform that showcased European fashion while maintaining simplicity and elegance. Loved Brands took on the challenge of developing a memorable logo and a clean website design to allow the featured brands and products to shine.

Love Brands


The primary objectives were to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that highlighted the individuality and personality of each European brand. The logo design aimed to be simple, memorable, and classy, reflecting the elegance and sophistication of the fashion industry.

Love Brands
  • Logo Design: Loved Brands designed a logo that encapsulated the essence of La Vetrina de Europa. The logo featured a modern font with a unique twist—the letter 'A' in the brand name was incompletely formed, creating a sense of intrigue and curiosity. The choice of capital letters and thin typography added a touch of elegance and class to the logo, representing the high-quality fashion brands offered by La Vetrina de Europa. The simplicity and memorability of the logo allowed it to make a lasting impression on customers.​

  • Colour Palette: To create a harmonious and sophisticated visual identity, Loved Brands opted for a colour palette of nudes and whites. These neutral tones provided a backdrop that allowed the featured brands to stand out and shine with their own unique colours and personalities. The neutral palette also evoked a sense of timelessness and elegance, enhancing the overall brand image.

  • Website Design: Loved Brands developed a clean and simple website design to showcase the featured European fashion brands. The focus was on creating a seamless user experience that allowed the products to take centre stage. The minimalist design provided ample space for the brands to shine, ensuring that visitors could easily navigate and explore the diverse range of shoes and bags. The website's clean aesthetic complemented the elegance and sophistication of the fashion industry.

Our approach


Loved Brands successfully created a compelling brand identity for La Vetrina de Europa. The memorable logo design and the sophisticated colour palette established a strong brand presence. The clean and user-friendly website design allowed the featured European fashion brands to captivate customers and showcase their unique styles.

Love Brands
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