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Showroom four elements

Showroom Four Elements, a fashion showroom distributing various brands, partnered with Loved Brands to create a versatile brand image that would align with their diverse portfolio. Their goal was to establish a recognisable and adaptable brand identity while increasing sales and boosting marketing efforts.


Showroom Four Elements' objectives included creating a clean and elegant logo that reflected their versatility and could seamlessly integrate with different brand aesthetics, developing a user-friendly website to showcase their diverse range of brands, implementing effective marketing and sales strategies to increase brand awareness and drive sales growth, and executing a successful influencer marketing campaign in collaboration with Hush Puppies to amplify their brand visibility and establish fruitful partnerships.

  • Logo design: The logo design phase focused on developing a clean and elegant logo that captured the versatility of Showroom Four Elements. The team carefully selected a monochromatic colour scheme and a simple font to ensure the logo could adapt seamlessly to different brand collaborations while maintaining a professional look.

  • Website design: Loved Brands designed and developed a user-friendly website that effectively showcased Showroom Four Elements' diverse range of brands. The website was meticulously crafted to offer a seamless browsing experience, allowing visitors to navigate and explore the showcased fashion products effortlessly.

  • Marketing Strategy: To drive brand awareness and engagement, Loved Brands crafted targeted marketing and sales strategies. Leveraging various channels, including social media marketing, content creation, and promotional campaigns, the team implemented a multi-faceted approach to reach and convert the target audience effectively. ​One of the key elements of the strategy was an impactful influencer marketing campaign. Showroom Four Elements collaborated with Hush Puppies to engage seven influencers who were gifted collaborations featuring Hush Puppies products. The influencers were requested to create authentic and engaging content showcasing the products and share it across their social media platforms.

Our approach


The collaboration between Loved Brands and Showroom Four Elements yielded significant results. The online store conversion rate increased by an impressive 79%, while total orders grew by 65% and total sales witnessed a notable increase of 56%.

Through the comprehensive approach undertaken by Loved Brands, Showroom Four Elements successfully achieved a versatile brand image that seamlessly integrated with their diverse portfolio. The influencer marketing campaign, conducted in collaboration with Hush Puppies, played a pivotal role in enhancing brand awareness, driving conversions, and achieving substantial sales growth. 

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